Police have arrested a man who they say whipped and beat a pit bull terrier and slashed a man who tried to intervene in Staten Island on May 24th. Officers arrested Wilfredo Arroyo, 36, yesterday, and charged him for the incident in Concord, part of which is shown on video released by the NYPD.

The footage shows two men, one allegedly Arroyo, jerking two dogs around on leashes, and one of the men winding up to kick one of the dogs, and to whip the dog with a belt. A man tried to intercede, prompting a fight in which Arroyo slashed the victim's face and hands with a switchblade, according to police and prosecutors.

Arroyo is facing charges of assault, weapon possession, aggravated cruelty to animals, and torturing animals.

Arroyo's wife Esther defended him to the Daily News, saying that the pit bull terrier, named Blue, had bit him "and he had to give him a spanking."

As for the 32-year-old good Samaritan Arroyo is accused of slashing, Esther said to the tabloid, "Wilfredo told me he came from behind him and said, ‘You’re an abuser. What the hell are you doing?’ and slapped him in the ear with a rock. The way I see it, it’s self-defense."

Prison records show that Arroyo served 11 years for manslaughter and trying to smuggle contraband into prison, and was released in 2014. Prior to that, he did four years for attempted robbery.

Police are still looking for the other man who was with Arroyo.