At the beginning of December two rookie cops patrolling Jackson Heights were shot at by a suspicious-looking man in a black trench coat wearing a fake beard, hat and dark glasses (neither were hurt). The shooter got away, but over the weekend police identified him as 53-year-old Antonio Olmeda—a man with a checkered history that includes being arrested for drugs, soliciting a cop for sex, and carrying weapons like flame-throwers—and this morning police arrested him. With two guns on him, natch.

Police figured out that Olmeda was their alleged gunman after matching DNA on the fake glasses tossed by the gunman in the December 2nd shooting to Olmeda's DNA on file—Olmeda previously had spent four years in prison for his illicit arsenal. The NYPD says they found him this morning on 116th Street and Second Avenue wearing a bullet-proof vest and holding two hand guns. They also say "had an uzi and materials to make what police call a 'suspicious device.'" A close investigation of the suspicious device eventually found it to "be a box of toggles connected to police-style lights and a siren."

Though nobody was hurt when Olmeda allegedly opened fire earlier this month one of the two shots fired did go into a nearby dental office packed with kids. "This guy is a bad, bad guy" a police source said of him over the weekend.