2008_10_mineo10.jpgNY1 had video of Michael Mineo, the 24-year-old man who claims police officers sodomized him with a police radio at a subway station, in his hospital room. Mineo, who was rehospitalized after the alleged October 15 attack; when asked how he felt, Mineo broke down, "How do you think I'm supposed to feel? I was violated."

Mineo says that when he ran into the Prospect Park (at Flatbush) station, trying to avoid cops who saw him smoking a joint, five officers beat him and used a police radio antennae to sodomize him, before taking him into a patrol car. Mineo's lawyers say that he smeared blood in the car, but the NYPD, which denies that any misconduct occurred and claims to have looked into the accusation, says there was no blood in the car (and the car didn't seem washed).

Both Mineo's lawyers and the NYPD have witnesses who back their sides of the story. The NY Times spoke to one of the police witnesses, a 12-year-old who was visiting his father, a token booth clerk at the station, "The boy said that Mr. Mineo’s pants were falling off as he was running." The Times adds that a police official said "the view of witnesses was obstructed at some crucial point."

The Brooklyn DA's office and NYPD's Internal Affairs are both investigating. One person who is not sympathetic to Mineo's plight is Laura Boston. The Post reports that Mineo is charged in "an April gang assault" whose victims include Boston's 14- and 16-year-old sons. She said, "If the cops snapped off that radio antenna up his ass, I wouldn't give a f--- about that... My son has dentures because of that man. Five guys beat up my sons, so it's right that it took five cops to beat him up. I don't wish him any harm or anything, but God don't like ugly. You get what you give, you know."