Despite being furious over the state's new $1.60 tax on cigarettes—which will drive most packs to between $11 and $12 each—smokers say they're not going to let this keep them from enjoying their fix. Jimmy Dece, 19, told the Daily News, "I'll be miserable about buying them for $11, but at least I'll have a cigarette to deal with the problem." Wait, did he just paraphrase Homer Simpson?

One mother said sweet nicotine is the only thing keeping her together some days. "It's the only stress relief I have. [My kids] can be screaming and I can go outside and smoke and have a moment to myself." Though they say that they hope the tax will encourage people to curb their habits, this is probably just the response Albany is looking for. Faced with a $9.2 billion budget deficit, the new tax is expected to bring in $290 million. But one smoker told the Times it shouldn't have come to this. "There have got to be easier ways to raise more money. All the cars coming into Manhattan. Maybe there’s a way to tax that." Ha.

A few did admit that the new tax is the final straw, vowing that they will quit before it goes into effect on July 1st. An East New York cook said yesterday, "This is my last cigarette. Dead serious, this is the last one for me. I can't afford to buy no more cigarettes." But others say they are willing to cross state lines for a cheap pack, which has Bronx state Asssemblyman Michael Benjamin worried. He told the Daily Politics, "Terrorists win when smokers/grocers buy bootleg, untaxed cigarettes. Bootleggers will have an enormous incentive to smuggle untaxed cigarettes into New York. Yesterday's budget action has set plans in motion for those who wish the USA and Israel harm." That's right folks, pay the tax or the terrorists win.