A man from New Hampshire was mugged while playing Pokemon Go in Central Park on Saturday night, according to police. The 21-year-old was walking in search of pocket monsters near East 102nd Street and East Drive at around 6:50 p.m. when two toughs came up from behind and one said, "I have a gun. Give me your stuff," cops told reporters.

The muggers grabbed the victim's iPhone, backpack, and wallet, then threw back the bag untouched, police said. "Don't try to remember us," one of the assailants purportedly ordered before the pair fled with the loot.

Subsequently, the victim managed to find some cops, and using the phone's location tracker, they caught up to two men who they say matched the victim's description on East 106th Street between Lexington and Third avenues. Officers arrested Bryan Matz, 37, of Kew Gardens, Queens, and Camacho Navla, 18, who is homeless. Police say they found some of the stolen items, but no gun.

The mugging was the second on Saturday in Central Park, following an early-morning robbery of a cyclist by three men. Central Park was the scene of just six robberies in 2016 through July 10th, according to NYPD data.

Central Park is a Pokemon Go hub that has attracted crowds of natives and out-of-towners alike to search for the cartoon creatures since the game's release the week before last. On Thursday night, the appearance of a rare Vaporeon in the park provoked a near-stampede as hundreds of gamers rushed to capture the critter.

NYPD Commissioner Bill Bratton has about as much respect for the phenomenon as he does for the Black Lives Matter movement, calling Pokemon Go "a stupid craze," nay, "one of the stupidest ones I've seen."

Pokemon Go safety tips issued by the NYPD direct players to always "stay aware of your surroundings."