While the city's Poem in Your Pocket Day is a nice cause - putting a poem in your pocket tomorrow to encouraging literacy and poetry, capping off National Poetry Month - Gothamist noted one thing about one the program's sponsors, The New York Times. The only Times article we recall about poetry (before today's about the new Queens poet laureate, Ishle Yi Park; her own website) is the one about poets dying at younger ages than other kinds of writers (maybe because they are pathological). And that's just a bummer, no?

Mayor Bloomberg says, "Poem in Your Pocket Day offers all New Yorkers a unique way to celebrate and reflect on the beauty and power of language. We are proud to launch an initiative that celebrates literacy and poetry, and the meaningful role they play in all of our lives. I'll be carrying a poem on April 30, and I encourage all New Yorkers to do the same." Gothamist would like to know what poem Mayor Bloomberg is carrying - will it be about getting elected with voters who just don't understand? Or making lots of money? Or not being a dynamic speaker?

Poem in Your Pocket Day's website also has suggestions for poems, like Emma Lazarus' New Colossus and Walt Whitman's Crossing Brooklyn Ferry. And one of the PIYP Day perks is that the MOMA will be giving free admission to any with a poem; it's unclear whether or not "Roses are red" poems or limmericks count. There's also a poetry slam tonight at the Bowery Poetry Club.