2005_09_cemusapotty.jpgThe New York Times has potty on the mind with two (!!) articles about the big deal to bring 20 public toilets to New York City (besides thousands of bus shelters and hundreds of newsstands, but those are so last year). The first article is New Yorkers' positive reaction to bringing more pots to sit on, since there are only two in the city. The second is about the public restrooms Spanish outdoor firm Cemusa has designed overseas, revealing that Cemusa has only put up about half of 20 planned toilets in Rio de Janiero, even though they've been working with the government for three years. But those toilets were "designed to meld with the neighborhoods"... hey, is that why the Parks Department removed the Astor Place Cube? To replace it with a blue, shimmery public toilet?

Take a look at some of the toilets Cemusa has designed for other locations; the one pictured here reminds Gothamist of an elevator.