Getting around the New York City area is a humbling experience.

Whether you brave the streets on a bike or in a car, rely on a bus, resign yourself to the mercy of the rail gods, or choose any other method of rolling the transit dice, you probably spend a good deal of time commuting.

Gothamist and WNYC want to better understand how you feel about your commute: what’s working, what’s really not, and what questions you have. We’re looking for people who commute in all kinds of ways, with a range of needs and priorities. Help shape our coverage by filling out the brief survey below.

One reason we’re asking you to guide our reporting: this is a nutty time to be covering transportation issues in our area. In the past few months, we’ve documented declining ridership and mounting frustrations with the city’s buses, reported on uncertainty around the L train shutdown/unshutdown plans, and kept our eyes on the still-stalled effort to fix the train tunnel connecting New York and New Jersey. And we’ve got a long list of questions we’re tackling, about what’s plaguing our transit system, who holds the power to make influential decisions in the transit world, and who wins and who loses at every turn.

But we can’t be everywhere at once. (We can barely be where we need to be, on time.) That’s why we’re asking you to be our eyes and ears on the ground.

Tell us what’s on your mind, and what you’d like to see more of, in our transportation coverage. We’ll report back to you.

Listen to Shumita Basu’s describe what we’re looking for: