Gothamist believes in supporting political causes you believe in, but what we believe in more strongly is not being pushy and annoying. We received this email from Concerts for Kerry:

You --> you're a blogger.
Us --> we're Concerts for Kerry; we create fantastic music shows that are fundraisers for John Kerry.

We want you to blog us! We have an upcoming show in Brooklyn.

Atrios blogged us... So did Gawker... Now we want you. Please help today!

thanks in advance,
the Concerts for Kerry Team

Our next NYC show:

Concerts for Kerry Brooklyn Gallery Show!
Concert for Kerry!
featuring... theXpo Spring Collection, THE VITAMEN, FRANK and DJs Minway Mosco and ebuzZ
Buy tickets right now!
Buy tickets. Please forward to friends. Elect John Kerry in 2004!

- the Concerts for Kerry Team

And we thought they would want us to vote for John Kerry. Gothamist is surprised they didn't just write, "Bloggers are ho bags, so you must be a ho, and therefore, you'll write to us just based on our excessive exclamation pointing and namedropping of other blogs!"


just wanted to drop a line. we are a volunteers here and one of us got a little eager with the email and the exclamation points. we will make sure to take your cautionary comments to heart going forward.

we do sincerely invite you to come to our brooklyn event if you are free.


Oh, kids at Concerts for Kerry...Gothamist is just a cranky curmudgeon, especially today, after waking up at 4AM and looking at our spam spam spam. We're sorry if we seemed harsh, because we are fond of that big alien, but sadly, these days, sometimes a soft sell with a personal touch helps matter. Good luck!