2005_12_grenade.jpgBad Idea Jeans Examples, #50824K: A man had packed a toy grenade into his carry-on luggage, which JFK Airport security screeners noticed, and then caused Terminal 6 to be evacuated. Yes, this was a Jet Blue passenger. The police bomb squad had to be called in, and they determined that it was not a live bomb but a toy, so the other passengers were only put out for 45 minutes. While it's unclear whether or not the man had other fake warfare items in his bag, like fatigues, face paint, a copy of Apocalypse Now, the man was not charged. Clearly, the upside is that the baggage screeners saw it and flagged - better safe than sorry. But, still, this just seems stupid. We never pack our fake guns in carry-on because it causes more problems than it's worth.

And now that small scissors are being allowed on planes, will there be those little diagrams to show how small they have to be? Embroiderers, your dog days are over!