Clean, but not for longRandy Kennedy has been writing a new column in the Times called "Tunnel Vision," kind of a slice-of-slice look at the subways. Today's column is abouthow conductors try to get people to move into the cars. As a rush hour commuter who goes through both Times Square and Grand Central, people are insane, myself included. Even if it's only two inches of space left, I'll try to cram myself in, shoving people further in. But I'm not the dictator, who tells people from five feet outside the car to move in. I found an Observer piece a while back about the phenomena male and female voices on the new subways' PA system interesting too. And the Straphangers weigh in with subway car cleanliness. I hope Randy will write about the kids who sells candy on the subway cars next. For great photos of New York City subway cars, take a look at New York City Subway. For maps, go to the MTA. This picture is of the interior of one of the new subway cars, designed by those the amazing Masamichi and Sigi at Antenna Design.

Subway tolls to go to 2 dollars. Stipend will increase by 33% for the future Gawker or Gizmodo intern.