A man who has parked his tiny plane in the driveway of his Long Island home is in hot water with his neighbors, who have grown tired of the constant parade of curious passersby stopping to take selfies.

According to CBS New York, Harold Guretzky has opted to park his 24-foot-long two-seat Cessna in his Oceanside driveway, rather than pony up the $150 storage fee required to house it at the nearby airport.

This is problematic for his neighbors, who are sick of the commotion the plane is causing.

“They think it’s cute and they stand by his plane,” one told the station. “Do I need to have traffic back and forth here? It becomes a nuisance after a while.”

Another is concerned that the plane will only invite other, even more creative driveway uses.

“Where is the limit? If we allow this plane, somebody else might do something. What’s next, a tank — a military tank?” she said. “You have to have limits otherwise let’s face it, people will run amok.”

But Guretzky, who is going through a divorce, says he can't afford to pay the airport's fees. Moreoever, he lost his student-pilot license for health reasons, and doesn't want fork over money for a plane he's not flying.

But on the other hand: "My neighbors are crucifying me," he told Fox. "People have their boats in their driveway."

He could face up to $2,500 in fines if he fails to move his plane.