You love your dog—you let it lick your face and you only feed it Premium Butcher Made dog food from your local egregiously priced gourmet market. That's fine. To the rest of us, though, your dog is just another mangey, disease-riddled animal that, while fine to pet, we have no interest in engaging with on a more personal, mouth-to-mouth, level.

All of which is to say—your dog is not a person so don't let it lap at the drinking fountain. A tipster sent us the above photo, snapped this morning at Fort Greene Park. "There's a separate dog bowl feed by the fountain that you can see the other dog drinking there's no need for what's happening here," he added. Yuck.

True, this is orders of magnitude away from using the fountain to scrub poop from your pet's butt, but then again, dogs spend most of their days with their tongues planted firmly on their own genitals/other dog's rear ends, forming a sort of ouroboros of fecal matter. What I'm saying is, at the end of the day, there is very little difference between your dog's face and its ass, so keep both away from the spigot.