buffalo_wabc.jpgThe prediction for light rain on Wednesday night was, ahem, a little off, but the forecast for today's cool weather was spot on. Gothamist would prefer that you remember the correct portion of the forecast. Lucky for us the forecast for the next few days should be much easier.

Cold, dry air moved into town last night. At one point the dew point temperatures dipped into the teens. With air that dry Central Park cooled all the way down to 41 degrees this morning. On the other end of the state, cold air passing over a very warm Lake Erie has given Buffalo an early season lead in the annual Golden Snowball contest. Heavy, wet snow falling on trees that have yet to lose their leaves is sure to cause problems. Up to a quarter-million customers are without power in western New York.

Today and the weekend look to have cool, clear nights and pleasant sunny days. If you are going to Shea Stadium tonight, temperatures will be in the mid-40s during the game. If you're not going to the game, temperatures will still be in the mid-40s around town this evening. High temperatures will be around 60 through Monday.

Snow and downed power lines in Buffalo from WABC-TV.