wxch_sfc_0917.jpgWe were tempted this morning to throw up a pretty sky photo from the Gothamist Contribute pool and not write anything because there's not much weather to discuss. The week is starting out cool but will get warmer. By Thursday we should be seeing maximum temperatures in the upper-70s to around 80 degrees as the high pressure system that will dominate the weather this week moves further eastward. Skies are expected to stay mostly clear through the weekend and probably well into next week.

While there might not be much weather excitement locally, the tropics are keeping semi-busy. Tropical Depression Ingrid never amounted to much and is quickly dying out. At the moment the storm is pretty much a tropical depression in name only. Ingrid is more like a random cluster of thunderstorms that might bring some rain to the Leeward Islands. Elsewhere in the tropics, there's a tropical wave south of the Dominican Republic that may spin up to an actual storm as it drifts westward this week, and there's an easterly wave way out in the Atlantic that bears watching. Gothamist gets our tropical storm information from the National Hurricane Center's graphic outlook, for a first glance, and Jeff Masters's blog on the Weather Underground for more detailed information. The local forecasts on the Weather Underground are just repackaged versions of the National Weather Service forecast, but we find their tropical storm coverage exceptionally good.

Morning surface weather map showing the high pressure that will bring us boring weather for the whole week from weather.com.