While the city has stepped in (sort of, as Curbed points out) to make sure jobs are saved during the renovation of the Plaza Hotel into a luxury apartment and boutique hotel, some people still not happy. Namely, the parents of Maria Hillman. Caren and Melvin Hillman are suing the Plaza and new owners Elad Properties for fraud and ruining their daughter's wedding dreams. They had booked the Plaza in July 2004 for a July 9, 2005 wedding; the Plaza reportedly told them not to worry about the hotel being sold. But in November 2004, the Plaza told them to look for another venue. In practically any other city, finding another wedding venue would be easy, but in NYC, wedding planning takes on another kind insanity. The AP reports that needing to move the wedding from July 9 to June 25 cost the Hillmans "$90,000 more than they budgeted for with the Plaza" - and the Plaza wedding was already going to be a $265 per guest 310 guest affair (that's over $100 grand when you calculate tax and tip!) - because they lost money with a band deposit and the Pierre was $50,000 more expensive in guest rooms and flowers. Oh, and one of the Hillmans developed shingles and couldn't work for a month, losing $10,000 in income. Goodness, this is almost as out of control of what Franck Eggelhoffer planned in Father of the Bride! And are parents of Bridezilla called Momzilla and Dadzilla?

Here's New York magazine's handy Weddings issue that lets you know how much different venues cost. Clearly, the Hillmans really really really wanted a Fifth Avenue wedding, as there are many cheaper alternatives. More on weddings at the Pierre. And a famous recent Bridezilla: Star Jones (Gawker on her wedding website).