The latest instance of Wealthy People Against Citi Bike comes courtesy of the Plaza Hotel, which, five months after the debut of the bike-share program, has decided that the loud blue bikes and plebian gray racks are simply too gauche to be permitted to blemish the Plaza's regal gilded entryway. See for yourself how the docking station has marred the refined elegance of the hotel's exterior:

The Plaza filed a lawsuit arguing that the rack, located between the hotel and adjacent Grand Army Plaza, "is not only an eyesore, stuck squarely in between two of the city’s most famous designated landmarks, but it came at the expense of a full lane of traffic," the Post reports.

It also employs the ol' "ads on street furniture argument," variations of which were used to get the racks removed in Greenwich Village and the West Village.

A call to the Plaza's attorney was not immediately returned. In the meantime, if the hotel is serious about banishing the bike rack, may we suggest its occupants band together and try the "naked protest" approach? It didn't exactly work in SoHo, but something tells us the DOT would do just about anything to convince the 83-year-old Countess of Santo Domingo to put her clothes back on.