The Post today has one of those great stories that isn't ever going to go anywhere but make fun reads anyway. How could you not be curious about a story involving the first openly gay Playboy Playmate, five leering police officers, a cabby imagining a gun and a dispute with the cabby over a $10.60 fare? And we haven't even gotten to the typically perfect Post hed - PLAYMATE: COPS BUNGLED MY BUST!

The story is sadly not as exciting as the details. Stephanie Adams, Miss November 1992, took a cab from the Upper East Side down to her apartment on Thursday night. Her cabby refused to pull up to her door, saying it was inconvenient. They argued and both called the cops. The cabby told the cops that Adams had a gun. The cops came and pushed Adams down ("They know what happened was wrong, the way they looked at my breasts and crotch. I was wearing tight-fitting pants and they could see I didn't have a gun, but they forced me down and pushed my face into the ground" she told Postie Brad Hamilton). Eventually the cops made Adams pay her fare and left the scene before she could get any of their names or the name of the cabby (she says).

What we don't get? How did she not get the driver's name when she was arguing with him at the start? Or at least the medallion number for the cab? Sounds like she had more than enough time waiting for the cops. And on topic, if you have any problems with a cabby, we can't recommend using 311 enough.

Updated: We got an email from Stephanie Adams herself who wanted to clear up some things:

What started off as a night of celebration for my stylist's birthday, ended up one of my biggest nightmares. Thursday, May 25, 2006 at approximately 10:42pm, I was assaulted by a New York City taxi driver (Medallion # 2J70) and called 911. He realized that I called 911 to make a truthful complaint about him, and in return, he called 911 and falsely reported that I had a gun and threatened to kill him.

When I realized that he made a false report, I immediately let the lady from 911 know that he was lying and she even had a chance to hear him screaming at me before he dialed 911 and made the false report.

Photograph via Goddessy by Stephanie Adams.

I stepped away from him while I was on the phone with the lady from 911 and waited for help to arrive. I walked across the street and hoped that the people I knew from the precinct would show up fast. Expecting to have the police show up and help me, I received just the opposite and ended up being assaulted by members of the NYPD.

***(Note: I mentioned the name of my ex girlfriend who works in a higher position with the NYPD than they do, and soon after I mentioned her name, they brutalized me.)***

It should not be a surprise that I have yet to step into another taxi thus far, and will probably take car services for now. But surprisingly so, I do not hate the NYPD. Most of my friends work for the NYPD and I love them just as
much they love me, if not more.

Stephanie also mentions that she wrote a tribute to people in service on her MySpace page and emphasizes, "According to the laws of the TLC, the driver is supposed to drive a passenger to his or her destination and not where he feels like dropping them off. And being that I am an avid investor and own NYC property, I highly doubt $10.60 is going to break me."