It's two follow-ups in one: Two people have filed separate lawsuits against the NYPD for excessive police force. Playboy's Miss November 1992, Stephanie Adams, complained about the police treating her roughly last month, after an altercation with a cabby. Adams's cabby refused to drop her off outside her Chelsea apartment building, leading them to argue and each call the police. But the cabby claimed Adams had a gun (which she didn't), so when police arrived on the scene, they shoved her to the ground, with their guns aimed at her. Adams filed a notice of claim (the precursor to a lawsuit) against the NYPD, city, and the cops who mistreated her and is looking for $5 million in damages. She also added that the police leered at her while checking to see if she was packing heat. The police and cabby deny Adams's account, with cabby Eric Darko telling the Post he felt like his life was in danger, saying Adams threatened to shoot him. The Taxi and Limousine Commission is also looking into the matter.

2006_06_hellereye.jpgAnd then there's the case of Arthur Heller, the son of Police Commissioner Ray Kelly's cousin. Last January, Heller was allegedly tackled and punched by plainclothes cops who saw him swiping his Metrocard repeatedly at the Eighth Avenue and 43rd Street subway station. Oh, and the cops went after him - and his Metrocard - without identifying themselves as police offiicers and after Heller mentioned his relation to Commissioner Kelly. Heller is suing the NYPD, city and the cops for $120 million, noting that he was never charged with a crime and was made to wait for six hours while handcuffed. If that's how the police are going to go after Ray Kelly's relatives or how the police are trying to track down on people who can't use Metrocards well, we're screwed - we needed about 15 swipes and then a service gate-okay from a token booth agent to get through this morning.

If you have a complaint about police conduct, you can contact the NYC Civilian Complaint Board.