Did Playboy playmate Tiffany Livingston try to de-board the JetBlue flight she was on yesterday while it was in mid-air? According to the NY Post, she bolted from her seat and attempted to open the door of the plane, which was en route to Newark from Orlando. The 21-year-old allegedly has high anxiety, and one source said, "she's gone through this before, but never this bad, and didn't have her medication."

She was detained and placed in federal custody following the incident. TMZ has received word that feds, after an interview with the playmate, now believe Livingston wasn't actually trying to open the door, however. They say they believe she was simply trying to stabilize herself during a panic attack.

Several passengers on the flight say she was trying to open the door, but the FBI is buying it (Livingston must have worked some magic in that interrogation room!). They say they aren't pursuing this as a criminal matter anymore.