In perhaps the greatest innovation in cat fancying technology since the giant Cat Boat in Amsterdam, the Bideawee animal shelter in Midtown East has installed a system whereby people can play with pound kitties from the comfort of their home. For free.

According to the Times, the iPetCompanion, which lets you control cat toys with your mouse and enjoy the action via webcam, was pioneered by business developer Scott Harris. He's not even a cat person! "The pound hasn't traditionally been a place that shows innovations in the tech world," but after seeing the success of installing one in an Idaho shelter, he said, "It made me realize how many people want to interact with cats." He really didn't know before?

The $5,200 system was donated to Bideawee, and since then people across the globe have been playing with Manhattan's stray cats. We just took a turn (you're allotted two minutes with three toys) and we must admit: all the cats seemed a little bored with the spinning toys. Yet we are undeterred, and will certainly be back for more.