People play the Yahoo! Autos game on a Time Square Billboard


To kick off their new enhanced Yahoo! Autos, Yahoo! has created an interactive video game in Times Square. At the Reuters billboard (Broadway & West 43rd), you can play a driving game with your cellphone if you call 1-800-660-4402. NY1 checks out the game and says, "The game is kind of like those old Hot Wheels games where you set up the track and just control the speed of the car, with no steering." You can play against the computer or someone else on the street. The game runs for 25 minutes out of every hour, and will be up until April 22.

This is a pretty cool marketing stunt, although a more NY-geared game that would really bring in the crowds would be "navigate the city streets during snowstorms, times of day when trucks are unloading goods, or a protest." And if anyone plays this, let Gothamist know.