Yesterday Plaxico Burress was finally released from prison after serving 21 months for criminal possession of a weapon. And even though he wore a Phillies hat, it was difficult not to be happy for the guy. After all, shooting yourself in the leg is embarrassing enough, but getting sent to prison for it makes it even worse.

Now that the dust has settled and Burress has thanked God enough, some details are emerging about his imprisonment that might change some people's sympathy into anger (this is sports, people get angry during the preseason). Apparently Burress violated prison rules three times during his stay at Oneida Correctional Facility in upstate New York.

According to New York Department of Correctional Facilities documents, Burress lied to a prison guard about his phone privileges, gave a fellow inmate a pair of sneakers that Buress wasn't supposed to have, and—now hold onto your Giants hat for this one— even possessed an unauthorized extra pillow in his cell.

Sure, Burress was released three months early for good behavior, but those violations are sure to stir the emotions of football fans across New York. Wasn't Burress supposed to be reevaluating his life and becoming a better person while in prison? Instead, it appears the only thing he was reevaluating was the fluffiness of prison pillows.

But Burress is an elite athlete, so some NFL team will be willing to overlook these heinous details and sign him, even if they have to count their cleats after each practice.