Former Giants wide receiver Plaxico Burress headed for Rikers Island earlier today after being sentenced to a two-year term for second-degree "attempted weapons possession." He had pleaded guilty to the charge after shooting himself in the thigh with his own illegal pistol in a Manhattan nightclub in November 2008. From Rikers Island he will be transferred to one of NY's many beautiful upstate prisons, just in time for foliage season and intramural convict football. noted that he was expected to serve about twenty months, followed by two years of probation, if his behavior is good.

Which it wasn't, for years in the NFL, until it came to this. He was a great wide receiver and of course will probably be back. He'll always be remembered in this city for ruining Bill Belichick's perfect season and making Eli Manning look like a decent quarterback. Of course there's a Free Plaxico site already (see pic), so don't worry, people will still make money off him.