Tonight, on ESPN's 7 p.m. E60 program, former Giants star Plaxico Burress talks publicly about his decision to take a plea deal after accidentally shooting himself in the leg with an unregistered gun at a Manhattan nightclub last November. The deal will send him to prison for two years. Burress says that the security at Midtown's Latin Quarter nightclub knew he was carrying a gun but waved in him in anyway, "It wasn't like I was trying to hide it." He also says, "Like I said, I got myself into a situation and, you know, I gotta deal with the consequences for it."

Burress was heading to a VIP room when he missed a step and the gun fell down his jeans (not sweatpants). He wanted to stop it from falling to the ground, so he grabbed it—and ended up pulling the trigger, "My finger hit, like, right on the trigger. What are the odds on that happening?" And then he noticed, "I take two or three steps and like my pants are wet. I had some Chuck Taylor's (Converse sneakers) and I looked down and the top of my shoe is red," realizing he was shot. Then he told his club buddy—teammate Antonio Pierce—that he needed to go to the hospital, "And he was like 'Why?' I said I just think I shot myself, and he was like 'Noooo!"

Schaap asked Burress why he didn't have the gun in a holster and Burress said, "Bad judgment." (It's unclear if Schaap asks Burress why he was packing that night.) And NFL Commission Roger Goodell says that Burress must serve his sentence before playing on any other NFL team.