If Plaxico Burress fans want an up-to-date jersey of the Super Bowl hero wide receiver, they're going to have to ditch those #17 duds in favor of his new number, 09-R-3260. The former Giant star left court and headed to Ulster Correctional Facility where he was given a shave and a haircut and strip searched out of the jeans he was wearing. Burress neglected to arrive at prison in the notorious sweatpants that sent him there.

Plax is apparently relieved to be arriving at Ulster, his home for at least the next twenty months, where he will live inside a a single cell apart from the general population for 21 hours a day. The Post talks to a guard who says that Burress was "depressed" when he went to Rikers, where his fellow Rikers inmates heckled him, calling him an asshole and yelling, "Giants suck!" And the other notable shavee yesterday, Governor Paterson, did not reach out to his fellow razor blood brother. Instead, he piled on the abuse for Plax, responding to an inquiry about a gubernatorial pardon by laughing and saying he wouldn't because "I'm a Jets fan."