Giants wide receiver Plaxico Burress arrived at criminal court in lower Manhattan this morning and both the Manhattan DA's office and Burress's lawyer agreed to have his gun case adjourned until June 15. Burress remains free on $100,000 bail.

Burress faces prison time for accidentally firing his illegal gun at a Midtown nightclub last November; he was the only one injured, with a gunshot wound to his thigh (the gun allegedly fell down his track pants). He is reportedly looking for a plea deal, but some sources say jail time would be required (Mayor Bloomberg hates illegal guns) given his two felony charges.

Burress's lawyer Benjamin Brafman told reporters, "Stay tuned. [Both sides are] trying our best to see if there is a way to resolve this. Right now, we have not reached an agreement." As for whether the star athlete will return to the Giants, Brafman said, "It's not my decision. It's the Giants' decision and Plaxico's decision. It's not a legal decision, it's a sports decision." Still, the NFL could suspend Burress for violating the personal conduct policy.