2008_11_plax2.jpgPlaxico Burress had probably hoped that Super Bowl XLII would remain the most analyzed night of his life, but unfortunately for him that no longer appears to be the case. The latest details to come out of the saga that ended with Plax shooting himself in the leg two weeks ago come from the strip club that he and his teammates Antonio Pierce and Ahmad Bradshaw stopped by for a couple of hours before the infamous incident at Latin Quarter. Sources connected to Head Quarters club tell the Post that Burress is "cheap," "very rude" and "the most unpopular celebrity that's been there." Apparently the three Giants drank two bottles of Patron tequila (not often the suggested mixer with a firearm and sweatpants) and Burress ate some of the staff's Thanksgiving turkey with his bare hands, or as the Post puts it, "like an animal." Not only did the Giants not have to pay for any of the amenities, they apparently took off without even leaving a tip.