Plaxico Burress cried yesterday as his three-year-old son Elijah and pregnant wife Tiffany watched him go off to jail. "I want to apologize to my family, my wife and my son," the superstar wide receiver said. "And my daughter," he added in a whisper. He was presumably referring to the unborn female child his wife is carrying, unless there are others we don't know about. "I thank everybody for their support, and my family for their prayers. We will all get through this."

The Post says his last words to his wife were, "I love you."

You'd cry too if you went from making eleven mil a year to doing hard time in a Catskill clinker. He could still make this whole thing a profitable venture, however. The Daily News reports that besides comforting his visibly distraught son Elijah he was followed around all day by an unidentified film crew, fueling speculation of a "Plaxico In Prison" reality show.

The felon, multimillionaire, and published author has been sentenced to two years in a state penitentiary, prompting some idiot to start the Free Plaxico campaign.