The Plaxico Burress case is now in the hands of the grand jury, who will decide what charges (if any) are coming against the receiver. The News reports that the end of proceedings saw three Giants staffers share their accounts of the fateful November night—Director of Development Charles Way, VP of Medical Services Ronnie Barnes and Coach Jesse Armstead. And before any decision is reached, the Times tries to sift through all of the media gamesmanship on both sides to get at just what actually would be a fair punishment for Burress. One criminal attorney familiar with the standard plea tactics of the DA's office said one year's jail time usually would have been the norm for these sort of charges (Plax's lawyer Benjamin Brafman's offer of one year was allegedly rejected by his former boss, Robert Morgenthau.) Brafman is still whining to the press about the unfairness of the DA's hard stance against his client, now saying he is "deeply saddened by (their) lack of compassion." The grand jury, acting as "the conscience of the community," could decide as early as today if they found a similar sympathy in Plax's testimony. Update: That was fast: Burress was just indicted!