Slate asks various plastic surgeons if they think California's First Couple-Elect, Arnold Schwarzenegger and Maria Shriver, have had plastic surgery. Majority of expects thinks no work. "Under his chin he has two platysma bands that [are] typical of men in their 50s. [That] speaks for not having anything done to his neck, "says Dr. Gerald Imber. But Dr. Daniel Yamini says, "He's probably had something done to reduce the prominence of his chin. It's a genioplasty. They can actually reduce the bone by cutting it or sanding it." Maria, however, is real: "She's got big cheekbones and a big chin. They're good for aging and good looks. Everything drapes wonderfully," says Imber. But they probably have gotten Botoxed and their teeth bleached.

Gothamist on Maria and Arnold.