2008_11_exhy.jpgWhat recession? The NY Times reports that developer Extell, the Greater New York Hospital Association, and investor Israel Green are teaming up to build a "60-story glass-and-steel tower on the West Side of Manhattan that would function as an international showcase and permanent conference center for the hospital industry." What's more, they think the building called the World Product Centre, which be located on 11th Ave. between 33rd and 34th Streets (where the Copacabana was) and would open in 2013, would be the anchor for the Hudson Yards. The partners claims the health care industry is, as the Times puts it, "recession-proof, since people always get sick." Still, with estimates are $500 million to $1 billion for construction, Community Board 4's Land Use Committee Chair Anna Levin said, "It may not be a stupid idea, but at this point I think it’s kind of an isolated idea, wrapped up in a whole bunch of uncertainties."