Reader Dave H. let us know about a new travel-for-the-tri-state-area resource, Trips 123. The NY Sun had a story about the site a few days ago (damn, you, NY Sun, for your subscription services), and it seems that Trips 123 is positioning itself to be your very best friend when it comes to getting from here to there: You can put your and your destination's address, and then Trip 123 will asked what time you want to leave/arrive, before giving you thorough instructions of what subways/trains/buses you'll be using, as well as giving you a walking map, on your way there. As Dave puts it, "it could be the greatest online resource for non-car owners ever conceived," by integrating the routs and schedules of the area's mass transit systems. Gothamist tested out the system by planning a trip from Times Square to the NJ town library we spent many an hour in, and the information was so solid that we're tempted to go haunt the children's section once again.

You can also subscribe to the latest updates to the transit system and traffic. [Again, thanks to Dave H.]