Yikes: A tourist was slashed in the arm by a mentally distrubed man in Central Park last night. Cops believe that Ravinesh Singh dropped his keys as a ploy to have someone pick them up; when the tourist did, he "pulled out a folding knife and slashed her in the left forearm." Newsday reports that the tourist then dropped her bag, but Singh just walked away. The incident took place around West 70-72nd Streets and Central Park West, and police were able to apprehend Singh after the tourist called 911. Singh was arrested and sent to Bellevue for evaluation. This makes Gothamist rethink our moments of Good Samaritanism: If someone drops something, it's more than enough to just say, "Hey, you dropped that," (unless it's a harried mom or dad whose hands are full with a kid and kid junk - uselessly those people don't mind when you pick up a tiny shoe) - maybe stick with the ol' grunt-and-nod.