On Thursday, a 20-pound engine tail cone fell from a Boeing 777 plane headed from JFK Airport to Tokyo and onto the front yard of Michelle Russell in Roosevelt, Long Island. The Delta crew only realized the four-foot piece of metal was missing after it landed in Tokyo—14 hours later. While airline officials say the tail cone isn't necessary for the plane to operate (it helps with fuel efficiency), Russell said, "I'm a firm believer if you take off with something you should land with the same parts you took off with."

According to the Post, the tail cone "smashed through a tree outside [the Russell] home, bounced off the pavement and came to a halt up against the family's car Thursday afternoon." Russell said, "It looked like a piece of sheet metal, until my husband went to move it. At that point, it looked like a giant ice cream cone that was silver," adding, "If you think about it, the kids could have been outside playing, someone could have been walking down the street. I mean, that's beside the fact that it could have come thorough our roof."

Delta is conducting an investigation. And one of the Russells' neighbors decided to find a silver lining, "Well I'm hoping it's a sign of blessings coming from heaven."