Three people were killed Tuesday when a small plane crashed on Long Island, minutes after it began experiencing navigation problems. Two men and a woman were on board the Beech B35 plane, which broke into numerous pieces and left a trail of debris two miles long before crashing at 2:30 p.m. yesterday in Syosset, roughly 20 miles outside of the New York City border.

CBS reports that the single-engine plane had notified air traffic control that it was experiencing instrument failures, which, combined with the day's poor weather, likely contributed to the deadly crash.

"The best analogy I can give is driving in fog," National Transportation Safety Board investigator Robert Gretz told the network. "Driving in fog, you need your lights, you need your instruments.”

The plane disappeared from radar and crashed two minutes later. It had departed earlier on Tuesday from Myrtle Beach, SC, and had been headed for an airport in central Connecticut, according to the Post.

"I didn't hear a crash or anything, it just sounded like something kind of coming down out of the sky," teacher Melissa Wesley told NBC. Wesley teaches at Berry Hill Elementary School, and noticed debris from the plane scattered near the school's grounds. "[T]here were fire engines and pieces of debris partly on our school grounds, across the street, down the block. Pieces of glass, twisted metal."

CBS reports that three schools near Syosset were placed in lockdown as a result of the plane crash. The network went on to note that all three passengers' bodies were recovered by authorities Tuesday, and that no one on the ground was injured.