A passenger on an international flight from Mexico City was stopped at JFK on Monday October 5th, when Customs and Border Patrol (CBP) officials found plastic bottles of unusually thick oil and vinegar inside of his luggage, mixed with liquid cocaine.

According to Customs officials, passenger Andres Josue Leal Valle of Guatemala had six bottles of yellow liquid across his carry-on and three checked bags. A Customs official uncovered one plastic bottle during a standard search, prompting a private search in a back room.

In all, officials uncovered about 11 pounds of cocaine in Leal Valle's "illegal salad dressing" (CBP's language, not ours), with a street value of approximately $194,000. The case is still under investigation by Homeland Security.

On October 4th, a passenger on an international flight from Peru landed at Newark with 10 pounds of cocaine packed into wheels of white cheese, Pisco Sour mix, nougat cakes, and bags of coffee.