Yet another generator was seized from Zuccotti Park by the FDNY last night, just four days after the department returned the generators that had been confiscated on October 28. According to a video posted by OccupyWallStNYC, a man in plainclothes entered the park around 9 p.m. and said he was "coming for his [exhaust] tube." He then demanded that a protester unplug the generator, and "tugged it away." The first of two NYPD officers confirming the action in the video says, "The generator was seized by the Fire Department."

A representative from the FDNY tells us that as he looks into this specific incident, "the FDNY has stated since the first generators were confiscated weeks ago that generators and fuel containers are fire and life safety hazards inside the park, and are not allowed inside the park, and will be removed from the park. Our primary concern is the safety of all in that area." After the mass appropriation of generators last month, a food vendor named "Ali" had his generator seized last week for "failure to provide a permit for the storage of gasoline and failure to have a permit to change out propane tanks."

After the FDNY returned the generators, the department insisted that they were still not allowed in the park because they pose a "life safety hazard." But one of the demonstrators' attorneys, Yetta Kurland, said that the FDNY had "no basis" to confiscate generators, which is why she believed they were ultimately returned. Kurland said that the "regulations say you can have a diesel generator or a gasoline generator as long as it’s under a certain BTU or a certain amount of feet from a tent or structure."

Perhaps this particular generator was too close to a tent for the marshal's liking. And it may be time to appropriate more money for bike generators. We'll update as more information becomes available.