It's dangerous enough for deliverymen today with all those teens out there mindlessly driving and texting and hitting them. But pizza deliveryman Victor Mejia de los Santos faced an even scarier experience yesterday, when he was almost beaten to death after being set up and jumped by would-be pizza purchasers.

According to the News, Jorge Paret, 28, and Anardo Battista, 23, ordered a pizza from Due Franky's Pizza to Jackson Heights just after midnight on Friday as a ruse. When Santos, 28, showed up, they fractured his skull with a baseball bat, kicking and punching him on the ground, and stole his delivery scooter. According to police sources, he was hit so hard in the skull with the bat that the thud was heard six floors above. Police caught the suspects soon after, but it's unclear whether they were targeting Santos in particular.

Santos underwent emergency brain surgery and is in critical condition at Elmhurst Hospital Center. Doctors say that half of his body could remain paralyzed. Santos, a mexican immigrant, had purchased the electric scooter with his own money. "I feel really bad, so worried. We came here with one dream, Like everybody, to make something," said his wife, Candelaria Rodriguez.