Yesterday, the 16-year-old pizza delivery boy who has been accused of raping a 35-year-old woman in her West 61st Street apartment in September was indicted on charges of rape, burglary, sex abuse and endangering a child. The DA has also released the handwritten "confession" of Cesar Lucas, who had been delivering a pizza to the victim's neighbor the night of the attack. “So then he just approach her with this type of feelings he had never felted before which led him to do things he would never think he would do in his life,” he wrote.

In the two page note (the Post has the PDF online here), Lucas goes back and forth between referring to himself in the first and third person. The letter is filled with eerie statements: “Cesar got type of disea in away he never had felted before...So then him self starts to check for open apartment,” he wrote. "He found the woman sleeping with her daughter by her self...I unrap her from all the coushing she had on top of her and see her vegiana. He take his penius out and she felted in a type away that she also started to feel horny, you can say."

The incident occurred at 12:30 a.m. on September 29th; Lucas is accused of trying various doors at the West 61st Street building until he came to the victim's door, which was unlocked (the victim lives across the hall from relatives and they keep their doors unlocked). The victim told the News that he put his hand over her mouth as he sexually assaulted her: “It took him about 30 seconds. I said, ‘Get off of me,’ and I pushed him, she told them. “He said ‘I’m sorry,’ and ran out.”

But in his confession, Lucas claims they had a conversation before he left: “So then Cesar starts having a short talk with the girl because she was completely drunk she could bearly talk corecty,” he wrote. “I was really pretty scare because she was drunk and kind of took advantage of her."

Marc Albert, the lawyer for the victim, said Lucas' confession was “beyond the most asinine thing I’ve ever heard. It’s the most ludicrous and obnoxious thing that I’ve ever heard.” Lucas' lawyer said his client is “very much a 16-year-old." Another detail worth pointing out: Lucas had previously been arrested for breaking into someone's apartment weeks before this incident. How was he able to keep his job at Sal's Pizza despite that? Because according to the Post, it is his father's pizzeria.