Coach Rick Pitino took a page out Rudy Giuliani's playbook while addressing revelations that he had an affair and paid for the abortion of a woman who then tried to extort him for millions. After apologizing to family, friends, fans and colleagues in his statement, Pitino then took a sharp turn while thanking the Lousiville community which he arrived into after being hired in 2001. He said, "When 9/11 hit, you needed a community to get you over it. In New York City, it was easy because everybody knew the devastation of that and they got each other over it. In Louisville, the impact wasn't felt like New York City, but I needed this community to help me get over it." You can't fault the logic of using 9/11 if you wanna knock abortion out of the headlines—especially when new quotes from Karen Cunagin Sypher, the woman who accuses the coach of rape, now include this one: "He made me murder my child. It should sicken the public and it devastated my children...I wanted to have the baby but Rick said if I did, my children would all be in concrete." Sypher has released a phone message Pitino left her, but in it he only encourages Sypher to make her own decision about the pregnancy.