A pita bread entrepreneur tried to argue that his ex-wife's alimony demands (when added to his own lifestyle costs) would leave him poor, but the NY Post reports that judges ruled Joseph Ayoub must temporarily fork over $30,000 a month: "$20,000 a month for an apartment for the wife, $7,500 a month in child support, $2,500 a month in alimony." While that is a lot, ex Isabelle was asking for "$52,658.80 a month to maintain her kids' lifestyle, including $7,166 a month for food and $4,583 for clothing"!! The judges noted that Ayoub, who started Aladdin Bakers, paid $200,000 in cash for a Lamborghini—plus how he and his ex slept on a $50,000 mattress (the three kiddies' beds were $6,500 each) and had homes in Manhattan and the Hamptons—"By purchasing the Lamborghini, the husband confirmed his free-spending ways." Isabella Ayoub's lawyer said, "This is the lifestyle they led. Sometimes, it's difficult for those of us not in that stratosphere to comprehend that, but they always lived a very generous lifestyle."