Star, the pit bull mix shot by police on August 13, is on the road for recovery but won't be ready for adoption for several weeks. Steve Gruber, a spokesman for the Mayor's Alliance for NYC's Animals, called her a "perfect patient" at the hospital, adding that she left "with pats on the head and kisses." But Gruber cautioned that she'll "require a period of healing and rehabilitation" before she can be placed in a new home. "It's too soon to after Star's surgery to talk about her adoption," Gruber said. "We are glad to help Star as she moves into the next stage of her recovery."

Star was transferred into the Mayor's Alliance care from AC&C earlier today. Gruber declined to comment on whether Star's rehabilitation would focus on the "aggressive behavior" that she allegedly displayed in the past. Anyone wishing to help the Mayor's Alliance provide care for Star and other animals like her can make a donation here.