Yesterday we learned that dog owners are packing heat (okay, knives and billy clubs and hammers) at the Tompkins Square dog run, as a means of protection against possible pit bull attacks (there have been at least 5 on dogs and 2 on humans since September). What do the pit bull owners think of this? DNA Info says they're shrugging it off; pit bull Lily's owner, Dennis, says "Dogs aren't born bad, they're made bad," and his was made sweet!

Another pit bull owner said it's important to talk to other breed owners while there, and "If you're gonna have one of these dogs, you have to be in control. They're big, they're strong, and they get excited." There will be a course held at the park on Saturday to help dog owners diffuse situations (bring your own hammer?).

Possibly the most useful "weapon" against pit bull attacks is a "break stick" (explained at the Villager) that has been a fixture at the run. It's meant to pry open the jaws of a pit bull during an attack... but due to the recent press (news networks were out again today), a member of Friends of First Run (dedicated to the maintenance of the Tompkins Square Dog Run) removed it! He told the site, "If someone were to use the break stick incorrectly, they could hurt themselves... I decided it would be best to just remove it." Seems like a backwards move, no?