2008_07_pbmaul.jpgA three-year-old boy was seriously injured when a pit bull, unleashed by his mother's boyfriend, attacked him. Kamar Reynolds underwent surgery to reattach his ear and remains in serious condition; his aunt said, "His ear was torn off. His face was swollen. Half of his face was open. His mouth was bleeding blood. We put a sheet over his mouth so it could hold in the ear and the blood."

Authorities say Reynolds' mother was the real target of the attack. Apparently Frantz Cesar was upset at Reynolds' mother Keesha and, per the Daily News, "kicked in an air conditioner at her East New York home and threw his pit bull Rocky through the open window." Keesha Reynolds tried to pry the dog away, but the dog was fierce.

The dog was euthanized and Cesar was charged with assault, criminal possession and acting in a manner to injured a child. Kamar's aunt claimed though Cesar "apologized... he was laughing and smiling," after taking the dog away.

In the wake of this incident and the mauling of a Staten Island man, many animal advocates have pointed the three main reasons for dog attacks are 1) The dog is not spayed or neutered; 2) The dog is chained or tethered in a yard; and 3) The dog is not socialized and treated as a member of the family. Additionally, training the dog to act aggressively contributes to violent behavior. Human Society issues specialist Adam Goldfarb has a Q&A at CityRoom covering dog violence.