2005_11_pitbull.jpgMaybe fences do make good neighbors: A 75 year old Queens woman was attacked by a neighbor's pit bull. Newsday reports that Phyllis Perillo, a retiree, had "retrieved a wayward garbage pail" for the neighbor, whose relative then opened the door to thank Perillo. But the neighbor's pit bull "came flying out," according to Perillo's brother, and mauled her for 15 minutes. Neighbors say that Perillo tried to get up repeatedly, and that another neighbor tried to stop the dog with a broomstick. The dog's owner was apparently very upset about the attack, saying "I don't care about the dog, [only] that poor lady."

The dog is under observation with Animal Control and Care or the ASPCA; he may be euthanized after 10 days. Newsday spoke to a neighbor who said the dog attacked her as well, and from what we know, when a dog attacks a human twice, an agency does usually request to put the dog down.