2006_11_washcem2.jpgWow, the story about a cemetery worker allegedly urinating in a Brooklyn gravestone's vase really is the story that keeps giving. Last week, the Post first reported that Itomer Khaimov spotted cemetery worker James Scott peeing in his dead grandmother's grave vase; Scott allegedly attacked him when Khaimov was upset. The next day, the Post described how they delivered a port-a-potty to Washington Cemetery and that Scott said he never peed in a vase.

Now, Khaimov says he was attacked by two men, one of whom claimed to be Scott's son, on Tuesday:

Khaimov said he noticed two men following him Tuesday as he headed for the subway from his lawyer's office in the Empire State Building. He thought he gave them the slip, but the two followed him to the Bay Parkway stop.

Khaimov said the men, one black and one Hispanic, approached him near Bay Parkway and 63rd Street. When he yelled for help, he said, the black man grabbed him from behind and covered his mouth.

"He grabbed my whole face and said, 'If you don't shut up, I will twist your head off,' " he said.

"The Hispanic guy said, 'We want you to go to the New York Post, Fox 5 and Channel 2 to tell them that [you] lied about everything. Nothing ever happened.' "

Hmm, there's nothing like attacking someone who will no doubt tell the media about being attacked. The police confirmed that they are looking into the incident.

Thumbnail of photograph by Ixtayul on Metroplus