2005_08_pirro2.jpgYesterday in Manhattan, Westchester D.A. Jeanine Pirro made her first lengthy remarks outlining her goals - and attacking Senator Hillary Clinton - and also got fouled up in the middle of her speech when she spent 32 seconds searching for page 10 of her speech and couldn't discuss tax deficit issues. That intern who collated the speech is totally fired! And at a speech in Albany, a Pirro campaign aide apparently didn't plug in a device that fed sound to TV and radio coverage. D'oh! The Daily News says the campaign of Ed Cox, son-in-law of Richard Nixon and another person eyeying the Republican Senate nomination, called her a flip-flopper because Pirro suddenly announced she was against late-term abortions. Hey, did Cox's folks need to consult the Republican Party Style Guide, because we thought flip-flopper was only a word Republicans called Democrats. Anyway, the a new Marist poll shows that the appearance of Pirro turns Clinton's 64% in pre-Pirro days to 50%, but Pirro would still trail by a ton, with only 22%.

The NY Times says that Pirro is still obscure across the state. You could probably say that about anyone else even considering running on the Republican side.