Ah, Jeannine Pirro. She's finally finally abandoned her plans to run against Hillary Clinton for the junior Senate seat, after much turmoil within her campaign. Pirro's statement said, "Today, after consultation with the leaders of my party, particularly Gov. Pataki, Sen. [Joe] Bruno and Chairman [Stephen] Minarik, and leaders of the Conservative and independent parties, I have decided that my law-enforcement background better qualifies me for a race for attorney general than a race for U.S. Senate." In other words, "The boys are making me run for the booby prize!" But she'll probably do much better in that race (we can't even remember who we've heard is running for the Democratic side, as Eliot Spitzer is going to run for Governor), if her husband doesn't try to sabotage her campaign from the inside again. What's hilarious is that the NY State GOP now has to figure out who should run against La Clinton; one of the early challengers, Ed Cox, dropped out because Pataki was supporting Pirro, but now Cox might have to be convinced to come back in.

In another Pirro story, we've been following is her fight with the Yonkers Department of Social Services and whether the agency was at fault for allowing two drug-addicted parents with a history of suspect parenting to care for their children, who later died in a scalding bath.