2005_08_jeanninepirrlo.jpgWestchester D.A. Jeannine Pirro has announced she wants to run against Hillary Clinton in 2006 for the junior Senate seat. Pirro had also been considering a run at the governor's house, but decided to go for a Senate campaign because the upside seemed better, even if she lost (it would, in the very least, raise her profile). Pirro went to work immediately at her press conference yesterday, accusing Clinton just using the Senate to head to the White House. Well, duh, that's what every other Senator does - it's just that
Clinton has a better chance, by virtue of name recognition and the desperate hope that Bubba could make things interesting at 1600 Pennsylvania once again. And while it would be interesting to see an all-female Senate election, Pirro will be facing other Republican opposition, including a son-in-law of Richard Nixon. Pirro is also a moderate Republican - she's pro-choice, pro-gay rights, and pro-death penalty. The two women are similar: They're smart, tough lawyers; they have husbands who've been in trouble (Pirro's husband Albert was jailed for tax evasion); and they both sport sleekly styled hairdos for women of a certain age. Pundits are expecting a Clinton-Pirro showdown to be pricey, so, kids, now's the time to jump into political consulting.

Our favorite Pirro-related headline is the NY Post's "Pirro's Huge Albert-Tross"! Awesome. Here's Jeannine Pirro's campaign website.